Sunday, April 18, 2010

Noah's Ark

Spring's rain and thunderstorms have arrived!  Our theme this week is rain, so I thought we would start with a story about a whole lot of rain!

Noah's Ark by Peter Spier is a wordless book illustrating the Biblical story of Noah.  I read our children's Bible first and then shared this version with the girls. 

Noah's Ark (Picture Yearling Book)

When reading the story of Noah's ark with my preschoolers, I try to focus their attention on God's protection of Noah and His promise to us.  We made a rainbow to remind us of that covenant.

1)  Cut a piece of black 8.5" by 11" paper in half.  Draw four curved lines for the rainbow in pencil.

2)  Have your child stick colored dots on the lines to make a rainbow.

Finally, we made Banana Arks for a snack.

1)  Peel a banana and place on a plate or in a bowl.  Spread with peanut butter.

2)  Find matching animals to put on the ark!

Another easy snack idea is to make Pita Pocket Arks.

1)  Cut a pita pocket in half.  Have your child spread peanut butter and jelly inside the pita pocket.

2)  Match pairs of animal crackers.  Put them in the ark!

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