Friday, April 9, 2010

Flower Power T-Shirt

I found this wonderful project at Wondertime!  I was so excited with how well it turned out.  You can follow the directions on the site -- I thought I'd share a few tips and helpful hints we found as we went along!

1)  You need a lightly-colored or white t-shirt.  Slide a cup (open-side facing up) under the shirt where you would like to put your flower.  Use a rubber band to secure the shirt around the cup.

2)  Put a button or small lid in the center of the circle.  Using PERMANENT markers, make dots around the button.  We put our dots pretty close together.  You could also experiment and freehand other shapes and forms (hearts, squares, diamonds, etc.).

3)  Use a dropper and squeeze out about 20 drops of rubbing alcohol in the middle of the flower (where the button was placed).  The color from the markers will be pushed outward to form a circular pattern.  If you want a bigger circle, squeeze more drops onto the t-shirt.  If you want a smaller flower, use fewer drops the next time!

4)  Let the area dry, remove the cup, and decide where you want your next circle (or other shape).  Repeat the process above.  If you want to make flowers, place paper towels or a magazine inside the shirt and draw on the stems.  When the shirt has dried, place in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes to set the design.

Cheesy girls!!

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