Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scented Flower Painting

Oh, how we love spring!!! It feels like we've been waiting forever for the sunshine.  In honor of spring, let's make a scented flower creation!

1)  Ask your child to paint a flower (Princess wanted to paint a "heart" flower).  If your child doesn't have the ability to paint a flower, it's okay.  Just have them paint the paper.  Later, you can cut a flower shape out of their painting (I made sure to get permission from the painter!).

2)  While the paint is still wet, shake powdered jello onto the painting.  We used a salt shaker filled with jello.  Since we do all things pink, we used strawberry jello!

3)  On a blue piece of construction paper, add a green rectangle for grass.  If your child can use scissors, they could make small snips into it for grass.  Cut out the flowers and glue them on!

I cut out Little D's flowers, so she drew stems.

My favorite thing was that they loved snipping the "grass".  The oldest said, "What a great idea, mom!"  Encouraging!

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