Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fraction Kite

We have had such blustery days here in Kansas, we thought a "Kite" theme would be appropriate this week!

1)  Cut four colors of paper into squares.  Then, cut them each into four triangles.  I used brightly colored cardstock.

2)  Show your child how to make "kites" using two of the triangles.  If this is too easy, see if they can figure out how to make a kite with four triangles!  To expand their vocabulary and lead them in the process of discovering fractions, try to use the words whole, half and quarter as they play with the pieces.  Also, you can point out the diamond and square shapes made by the triangles.

3)  Allow your child to make whatever patterns they choose.

4)  Have your child pick one of their creations to glue together for a kite.  Glue the pieces onto a sheet of paper.  We glued it on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" black cardstock so there would be triangles on the sides to cut off and use for the kite tail.

5)  Cut the triangles in half and glue the tips together to make the pieces for the kite tail.  Punch a hole in the center.  Tape string to the back of your kite and thread and circle through the holes (so you don't have to tape or glue them in place).

Save your leftover triangles!  I'll think of something else we can do with them!

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