Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jelly Bean Poem Baskets

We host a playgroup and Bible study at our house on Thursdays, so we wanted a little treat for the kids to take home!  The baskets ended up being a fun little project.  The girls were excited about making them and sharing them with friends.  It also became a good math activity.

1)  We used a small paper cup and pipe cleaner to make our "basket" (things I had on hand!).  A hole punch works great, but an adult could also just push the ends through the cup.  Then, I found the poem and printed it to place on the handle (The poem is here, and a larger pdf printable is here).

2)  Open a bag of jellybeans and place each color in a pile (colors, sorting).  When you have them sorted, you might as well do a graph (graphing)!  Then place one of each color in each cup (one-to-one correspondence).

 (Update)  Princess was very happy to pass these out to her friends.  After lunch, I let the girls have their baskets.  I had each girl find the correctly-colored jellybean and eat it as we went through the poem.



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