Monday, April 5, 2010

Torn Paper Flowers

We went to great-grandma's yesterday for Easter.  She already has so many flowers blooming in her garden!!  We decided our theme this week would be flowers!

1)  Find a flower template.  Here's one.  Print it out.  You can use copy paper, but cardstock might not curl as much.

2)  Using construction paper or scraps from a scrapbox, tear pieces and glue on to the flower.  If your child is using scissors, you can cut thin strips and have them cut across to make small squares.

3) Cut out the flower and glue onto a large craft stick.  We didn't, but you could paint or marker the stem green.

4)  Decorate a pot with stickers.  Cover the bottom hole with tape and scoop in some dirt.  Poke the flower in the dirt!

We put three in a row across our island.  It looks quite cheerful!

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