Thursday, August 11, 2011

FREE FlapJack Magnet Mat (How We're Using It)

Currclick is offering a free download of FlapJack's Crayon Color Magnet Mat this week. I thought this was a wonderful idea -- I've never thought about making a "magnet mat". 

Instead of laminating it, I adapted it like this:

I printed the pages.  Then, I used a two-pocket folder with fasteners and inserted four page protectors.  I glued the magnets to the paper "mat" and slipped the page into the protector! 

Next, I added a magnet to the crayon pieces (you can cover them with packing tape if you want to make them more durable).

I also put the other pages into the protectors, so we can use dry erase markers to practice handwriting and match the color name with the crayon!

The set also includes a book about colors, so my middle daughter cut it out and put it together.  We stored it with the crayon pieces in a page protector!

I thought the magnet mat idea was fabulous, and I just wanted to share how we changed it up to fit our needs (mainly because I didn't want to laminate anything)!  It makes a great independent learning activity.



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