Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calendar Time

Our morning circle time includes activities to help the girls understand time.  Preschoolers are concrete thinkers, but time is an abstract concept.  It may be a while before they will grasp it completely, but we can begin to lay the foundation now!

You need:
1)  Post a calendar in your child's room or other highly-trafficked area.

2)  As you go through the month, write words and draw pictures symbolizing something you did that day (i.e., a baseball for baseball practice) or activities that will happen (a trip to grandma's, etc.).

3)  Cross off each day as it ends (or at the next morning's circle time).  Talk about the words yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  For example, "Yesterday was Sunday.  We went to church.  Today is Monday.  We're going to play with friends.  Tomorrow is Tuesday, and you are going to spend the night at Mimi's."

Do you have any calendar ideas or activities?



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