Friday, August 13, 2010

Help for My Bookshelves!

This is a simple idea I used in my classroom.  I really should've started this with my girls a long time ago, but I just forgot about it!

You need:
Paint stir stick
Markers or crayons

1)  Using markers or crayons, write your child's name (or they can write their own) on the paint stick.  Allow the child to decorate the stick.

2)  When your child gets a book off the shelf, they slide in the stick to mark the place where the book belongs.  Once your child replaces the book, they can move the stick and pick out another book.

I am hoping this transforms our bookshelves!  If we (myself included) can get in the habit of doing this every time, I foresee fewer piles of books around the house!

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