Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain Stick

I'm so excited!  We actually made a working rain stick!!  I've always wanted to make one, but couldn't find one I thought would be easy enough for preschoolers.  I finally did at Family Fun (can you tell I love that website?!!)  The saddest thing is that I accidentally deleted the pictures of the girls making the rain stick, so you won't get to see the process.

1)  Tape or cover one end of a long tube (wrapping paper or mailing).  Roll a long sheet of foil lengthwise.  Coil it around a broomstick handle.  Push into the tube.

2)  Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of rice into the tube.  Tape or cover the other end.  Decorate!

I had a wrapping paper tube on hand, so we used it instead of a mailing tube.  We also covered it with dots (leftover from our rainbow project) and wrapped it in contact paper for durability.

It really does sound like rain!!!



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