Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bee Buzzer

I just got my new FamilyFun magazine, and it had a perfect activity for our bug theme!  You can find their directions here.  I adapted the directions using things I already had at home!

1) Using a craft stick, place pencil erasers on both ends.  You can see I adapted it by using a pencil.  We put a thumbtack in the eraser side and wrapped the other side thickly with tape.

2)  Cut an index card into a 3" square (we used our extra kite triangles).  Decorate it, center it on the pencil, and staple (or tape) it.

3)  Tie a piece of yarn on one side.  Stretch a rubber band across the pencil.

4)  Swing the hummer in a circle to make a buzzing noise!  If you don't hear a buzzing sound, try reversing your circle.  You also have to swing it quickly! 



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