Thursday, December 22, 2011

Star Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree

Two nights ago, my husband decided he we needed to make something for his coworkers (uh, a little last minute?!!)...and he settled on these Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies.  I purchased a kit several years ago with six different-sized star cookie cutters, but I think you could use 4-6 sizes and still make a lovely tree!

Star-shaped cookie cutters (4-6 different size)
Cream cheese frosting
Green food coloring
Butter knife
Sprinkles or powdered sugar
Paper plate or foil-covered cardboard

1)  Make your favorite sugar cookie dough.  Cut 2-3 stars with each size cookie cutter.  You need to have about 12-18 cookies for each tree.  Bake according to your recipe directions.

2)  Tint the cream cheese frosting green.  Place a dab of frosting on the plate (or cardboard) to stick the largest cookie to the base.  Frost and stack each cookie from largest to smallest rotating each one slightly to achieve a tree shape.

3)  Dust with powdered sugar for a snowy effect.  You can also use sprinkles for a more festive tree!



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