Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Masterpiece Monday: Claude Monet

This month's artist for Masterpiece Monday (happening on Tuesday because of Labor Day yesterday!!) is Claude Monet.  Throughout the month, we'll be reading books about Claude Monet and "analyzing" his artwork.

For my oldest daughter's birthday, we gave her several of the Anholt's Artists Books for Children(I highly recommend this series of books.  They narrate a story from the artist's life, and it's much more interesting than some of the art books I've found.  The girls actually beg to have these books read to them!)

Today, we read the book The Magical Garden of Claude Monet before we pulled out the paints.  We also found several of his paintings in some of our Usborne art books, too.

After reading the book, I didn't give any specific guidelines for the girls other than asking them if they'd like to create like the artist.  I put out watercolors, brushes, water, paper, and a few books with his paintings in them. 

(My middle daughter became frustrated because she couldn't draw a bridge,
so she decided to cut out a bridge instead.)

I just love seeing what they create!



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