Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Basket: Four Favorite Read Alouds for Boys

I have had readers and friends ask specifically about good books for little boys, so I'm super-excited to bring you this guest post by my friend Terri.  Now, these books aren't *just* for boys, but they come recommended by a teacher, former librarian, and mom of two boys!

Guest Post by Terri:

I almost hesitate to say that these books are for boys, really.  I’m sure girls would love them, too; I just don’t have any girls around here to try them out on!  These are just a few books my four-year-old son really gets a kick out of right now:

Robot Zot!

1)  Robot Zot by Jon Scieszka

We love so many of Jon Scieszka's books, but this is the latest one to make it into our library bag.  David Shannon contributes fabulous illustrations to this tale of adventure and excitement starring Robot Zot.  We both can’t help but giggle as Robot Zot conquers such harrowing foes as a toaster and a vacuum cleaner hose.  Will Robot Zot save the queen from the commander general?  Will “Robot Zot conquer all”? 

Dirt Boy

2)  Dirt Boy by Erik Jon Slangerup

Boys and dirt just go together; just ask my washing machine.  Dirt Boy is the story of Fister Farnello, a boy who loves dirt so much that he goes to great lengths to avoid a bath.  He meets up with one very grungy giant and a whole lot of filth along his way back home.

Dragon Stew

3)  Dragon Stew by Steven Smallman

This author was new to me but I will be looking for more of his books.  The rhyming text is fun to read aloud, and the story has plenty of humor just right for little boys.  (Be warned that there is a “steaming pile of dragon poo” lurking near the end.)  Bumbling Vikings and tea-sipping dragons are a winning combination.

Parts (Picture Puffins)

4)  Parts by Tedd Arnold

Parts is the clever tail of a little boy who is convinced he is falling to pieces.  Arnold’s silly illustrations highlight the horrors of belly button lint and peeling skin.  Of course, Goober’s favorite part is when “a little piece of brain” falls right out of the poor little boy’s nose.  Great fun for all!



Blogger Chelle said...

Fun Post! I'll have to look for Robot Zot for my girl. :)

September 7, 2011 at 9:01 PM  

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