Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drink Carrier Picnic Basket

Every picnic needs a picnic basket!  Here is an easy way to make a picnic basket for playtime.

You will need:
1 drink carrier (ours was from Sonic - a great excuse to hit Happy Hour!)
Paper bag
Sponge (or cotton ball)
1)  Cut a paper bag so it lays flat.  Mark a checkerboard pattern (so your child know where to stamp)

2)  Cut a sponge into a small rectangle and clip with a clothespin to form a stamp.  I didn't have a sponge, so I improvised with a cotton ball.  Since we weren't doing too many stamps, it held up okay.  I think a sponge would be preferable though.

3)  Stamp a "basket" pattern on the paper bag.

4)  Open up the carrier by cutting out the cardboard separators and making the sides even.

5)  Glue the paper bag onto the drink carrier. 

Picnic time!



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