Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoo Theme: Making Animal Figures for Pretending

After last week's Blogger fiasco, I fell a little behind on our zoo theme.  I wasn't able to access my account or post (thankfully, all of my posts have been restored), so I have one more zoo idea!

If there is one toy I highly recommend, it is a nice set of wooden blocks.  The possibilities are limitless with them!  If you are able, I also suggest a set of animals.  A sweet friend gave us a whole set of very realistic animals in a plastic toolbox (it's the barn)!  The girls have played and played with them.

We built a "zoo" for our animals!

If you don't have any animal figures, you can easily make some to put in your zoo!

Animal sheet or stickers
Toilet paper tubes

1)  Color a sheet of animals.  You can make your own, use the quick sheet I made (sorry it's a little lame -- I just used the clipart I had!!), or use a printable sheet with animals from Goodnight Gorilla.

2)  Cut out the animals.

3)  Glue the animals to the toilet paper tubes to make movable animal figures!  If you use stickers, you can just stick them to the tubes!



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