Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo: Animal Movement Game

It's my birthday today, and my thoughtful in-laws sent me tickets to the zoo for our whole family!!  I was not expecting them at all, but I'm very excited!  For the next few weeks, I had zoo activities planned for the blog!

This first activity is so simple...I hesitated to even share it (because I thought maybe it was too simple).  But then I remembered, I'm a mom of three and I need simple!  I'm guessing there are many of you out there looking for simple, too!

1)  Share an animal and encourage your child to move like the animal.  A few to get you started:  tiger, bear, frog, snake, kangaroo, fish, eagle, lizard, etc.  Your child can make the animal sound, if desired! 

Also, use direction words (up, under, over, on, around, etc.) to provide more listening practice (i.e., move like a bunny around the table, go up the stairs like a bear, go under the table like a snake.)

We play this game quite a bit at our house!  It works especially well when we're stuck inside and need some physical activity!



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