Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Safety: "Don't Touch, Get Help" Game

Arthur's Fire Drill (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)A very simple (and inexpensive) book for teaching your child basic fire safety is Arthur's Fire Drill.  I love how this book explains "Stop, Drop, and Roll", making a fire escape plan, not hiding from the firefighter (even though the mask may look scary), and not playing with matches. 
This quick game teaches your child what to do if they find matches or a lighter.

You need:
Matches (or)

1)  Talk about what to do if your child finds a match or lighter.  Then, "hide" a few matches or lighters around the house (I just put them out in the open).  Invite your child to find them.

2)  When they find the match, have them say, "Don't touch.  Get help."  Practice not touching the match or lighter (very challenging for some preschoolers)!  Then, they can come tell you.  You can then pick them up and put them away!

I was surprised at how much they loved this.  We had to play it several times, and they asked to play again tonight! 



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