Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paper Plate Sun Catcher

It would be nice if the sun actually came out for our sun theme week!  It's still cloudy today, but we made sun catchers anyway!

You will need:
Paper plate
Clear adhesive shelf paper (or clear packing tape)
Tissue paper
Yarn or string
Hole punch

1)  Cut out the center of a paper plate.  Color the plate.

2)  Place a square piece of clear adhesive shelf paper (sticky side up) under the plate.  Press the plate down.  Tear bits of tissue paper and stick onto the adhesive paper.  If you don't have clear adhesive paper, clear packing tape would work too.

3)  Poke a hole, thread a piece of yarn or string, and hang the creation in a window!

Although I couldn't capture it, they really did look pretty (even though the sun wasn't shining brightly today!)



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