Friday, May 7, 2010

Failed Experiment - Growing an Amaryllis Bulb in Water

We have been trying several experiments from the book, "Science with Plants" by Usborne.  It really has some fun stuff, and we've completed a few successfully.  But our Amaryllis experiment is not working yet!  Here's what you can learn from our failure!
Our experiment was to grow an Amaryllis bulb in a jar of water.  The first bulb, I let get too wet.  It rotted.  After searching and reading some other posts, I think the trick is to let it sit just right above the water.  From what I've read, it will be able to "sense" the water.  Then, maybe the roots will shoot out and it won't rot!!

So, here is what you do:
1)  Buy an Amaryllis bulb.  Place the bulb above water in a dark, warm place for a few days.
2)  Bring it out into the sunlight.  The roots should begin to grow!  You should also change the water every few days.

I will add an update if we get some roots!!  If we don't get any, I might just have to go back to the old "Growing a Sweet Potato" experiment.  It always works!



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