Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Masterpiece Monday (on Tuesday!): Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso

This month, the girls and I are exploring the artist Pablo Picasso.  I have Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail (Anholt's Artists Books for Children) on order (several of the series are part of the "Buy 4, Get 1 FREE promotion at Amazon"), so I'll have to share about the book later!  We did look through and read several of our Usborne Art books that contain artwork by Pablo Picasso.

Our masterpiece today was Picasso's Three Musicians, and we used collage as our art form.

1)  Discuss how to make a collage.  Lay out any item you'd like to use for a collage:  paper scraps, fabric, newpaper, felt, foil, etc.

 2)  Allow your child to freely explore and create with the collage materials.  I did set a few of Pablo Picasso's paintings around the room for inspiration.

3)  Celebrate the beautiful creations!



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