Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Monster Marshmallows

Here is a fun way to create a "monster" treat!

You need:
Juice from heated blueberries or other kind of juice
Graham crackers (optional)
Chocolate chips or bar (optional)

1)  Use the toothpick and juice to make a monster face on a marshmallow.

2)  Place the marshmallows on a plate in the microwave.  Heat for 20-35 seconds.

3)  The marshmallow expands to make a monster!

You could either eat it plain or "smash" the monster with graham crackers and chocolate chips to make a S'more!

I adapted this idea from The Exploratorium.  If you want the scientific explanation for why marshmallows puff up in the microwave, visit them here.

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